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About the

OMNIVORE is a restaurant of farm and natural products for omnivores, where flavors tell stories. The menu includes dishes that are conceptually related to one of the four directions of omnivorousness: vegetables, fish, poultry, meat.

The heart of the restaurant is an open kitchen and dishes on the fire with a light aroma of smoke, stewed dishes and delicacies of our own production, and the  chefs present culinary curiosities from different parts of the world.

Our open kitchen is a theater, our guests are spectators who have the opportunity to watch an amazing performance, and we are all characters playing in a performance that is captivating to observe. This is not just an ordinary process of food consumption, but a well-staged show.

OMNIVORE is a cozy and at the same time festive place where you can feel excited and immersed in the atmosphere of love for gastronomy, nature and art.

The restaurant combines a bakery, a grill and a bar. Its leading element is fire, so the central components of the open kitchen are large Josper coal ovens and the Maretti Forni pizza oven, from which the smell of meat, vegetables, freshly baked pizza  and bread on proprietary sourdough wafts.

Special attention deserves our own pasta made from durum wheat, which is cooked for guests in a 30 kg round of aged Grana Padano cheese!

Classic and original dishes are complemented by an exceptional wine list and cocktails based on flowers and fruits from our own organic garden.

Wedding hall

The cozy and elegant “Specular Hall” inside the OMNIVORE restaurant is designed for solemn events in your life. A cozy and elegant hall for 60 people inside the OMNIVORE restaurant is created for celebrating prominent events.

Here you will find an exclusive menu developed by our chefs, which includes the most delicious dishes of Ukrainian and international cuisine. Our team of professionals will provide you with high-class service to make your stay comfortable and bring pleasure to guests.

The “Specular” banquet hall is characterized by pastel shades and creates a fairy tale atmosphere. It is decorated with a huge hand-made mirror panel, imposing sconces in the Art Deco style, light cloud chandeliers, flower paintings and a picturesque view of Shevchenko Street with access to the balcony.
The Specular Hall is also an ideal place for conferences and business meetings.

Our event managers have experience in organizing wedding receptions and chamber weddings, and they know how to make your celebration unforgettable and perfect. 


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    Signature dishes


    The OMNIVORE restaurant offers a wide range of breakfast dishes. It is interesting to start every day with something new: delicate cream cheesecakes on coconut flour, your favorite poached eggs or a mouth-watering scramble burger with various toppings.


    The recipe of this masterpiece of Caucasian cuisine, made from tender veal, beans, onions, potatoes, simmered in a clay pot and baked in a Josper oven, was “gifted” to us by the famous film director, screenwriter, composer – Serhiy Yosypovich Paradzhanov, one of the representatives of the wave of Ukrainian poetic cinema, who filmed the famous “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” in 1964 in the Carpathians and lived in our hotel.
    Read more about the interesting story of how this masterpiece of Caucasian cuisine came to Frankivsk in the History of the Hotel .

    Meat delicates from the masar Olexa

    Oleksa Boyko is a long-lived resident, the father of the company’s “Nadiya” founder, a well-respected host, a well-known masar (butcher) for more than 70 years. The fame of Oleksa Boyko’s homemade meat legumes has crossed the borders of his native village long time ago. The successor to the grandfather Oleksa’s sausage guru is his granddaughter Margaryta. . She and the team of the “Nadiya” company made her grandfather’s dream come true. According to his recipes, we create amazingly delicious homemade sausages, lard, blood sausages and other meat delicacies, which are highly appreciated by guests of the OMNIVORE restaurant.

    Due to the use of ancient recipes, exclusively natural local steamed meat and spices, the combination of the culinary technique “as in ancient times” with the latest technologies on modern equipment, we present you an incredible range of craft products.
    In the OMNIVORE restaurant, you can buy takeaway meat delicacies based on the recipes of masar Oleksa.

    Interior design

    The project was created by designers Margaryta Boyko and GAB ARCHITECTS.


    The bear is the lucky mascot of the restaurant. A selfie with a clubfoot brings luck.

    He hides behind the carpet during the day and comes out at night to hang out in the kitchen and to eat delicious food while everyone is asleep. They say if you sit in the restaurant until late at night, you can see this hairy resident of the hotel with your own eyes.

    By Debbie Lawson, London, 2019, Persian rug.

    Debbie Lawson is a famous British sculptor, a graduate of the Royal College of Art. Her works are represented in the world’s most famous collections: Saatchi Gallery, House of Lords, Nottingham Castle Museum, Mario Testino, London University of Arts, Dundee University and others.

    Our interior, like our amulet bear, is completely unpredictable, impulsive, emotional, and multifaceted. It is calm and balanced in the morning, and full of surprises in the evening.

    The huge 4 chandeliers create the atmosphere of the sky with fluffy clouds and contain 232 hand-assembled balls.

    Large panoramic windows with stunning views of the city center, Vichevyi Maidan and Shevchenko Street, a green bar, like Carpathian lush forest. Authorial floral paintings by Larisa Konstantynova – handkerchiefs add joyous variety.

    The Viennese chairs of the 1880 design are reminiscent of the distant times when the hotel was called Austria and organized sumptuous balls.

    Gallery of the restaurant

    The OMNIVORE restaurant is a place where gastronomic delights are combined with unrivaled atmospheric design.