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Festive events, memorable photo sessions, romantic meetings, wedding paintings with a beautiful view of the entire city

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         Sky Bar

SKY BAR is located on the roof of the hotel with a beautiful panoramic terrace and a tower with three clocks.

This is one of the highest terraces in the city, where you can relax in the company of friends and family, try light snacks and drinks, enjoying the incredible view of Ivano-Frankivsk.

SKY BAR is an ideal location for festive events, wedding receptions, romantic meetings, and memorable photo sessions.

Belvedere tower “Only Love Is Higher” and clocks

The restored tower with three clocks is a decoration of the city and has a triple meaning – an observation deck, a summer terrace, and a bar.

The structure of the spire in the Art Nouveau style is decorated with 3 spheres covered with gold leaf, the middle of which is decorated with 8 mallows, which are a symbol  of infinity in nature. In addition to the symbolic fragments, the spire has its important function on the tower. . It serves as a lightning rod for the entire hotel building.

Each element of the clock carries a deep sacred meaning. The hands of the clock personify the harmony of nature, which God created on the fourth day: sun and moon, day and night. The arrow of the heart is also a symbol of love, which passes through the star of life and unites the universe in a perfect harmony.

The clocks are made by the best Ukrainian clockmakers using Swiss mechanisms. The diameters of the clocks are 1.61 m.

These unique clocks are not inferior to the best facade clocks in the world and are dedicated to an outstanding historical event for Ukraine – the Act of Unification of the West Ukrainian People’s Republic and the Ukrainian People’s Republic.


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    A favorite place of recreation for Frankish residents and guests of the city